Episode II
Writer Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Director Touko Machida
Episode 2
Airdate January 14, 2013
Previous Episode Episode I
Next Episode Episode III
Theme Music
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall


After the Heroine regains consciousness, Orion tells her to keep her memory loss a secret since she doesn't know who can be trusted or not. At the cafe, when the Heroine does her usual duty with the other employees, she regains another memory. When she sees a firework sparkler, she remembers Shin sitting next to her and telling her that he killed someone. As the Heroine and Orion head home, she is almost run over by a truck until a mysterious young man with long lime hair saves her and asks her if she doesn't remember him, before leaving. Both the Heroine and Orion have a strange feeling about him.

The next day at the trip during the rain, the Heroine yet again gains a memory, but this time it is her and Kent at a festival. As the rain stops, Orion asks the Heroine if she can ask Kent about the memory of her at the festival that may be a possible clue. However, Kent has no idea what the Heroine is talking about and doesn't remember going to a festival.

At night, as Heroine seems to get separated from the group except Shin. Things turn for the worst as the Heroine is scared of Shin after recalling the memory of him telling her that he killed someone, and started running away from him. Then the same young man from the other day seems to know their demise that will happen. As she continues to run away, she accidentally falls off the cliff and Orion flies right behind her, trying to save her.

After that, she wakes up with bandages wrapped around her neck in the hospital and realizes she's back to August 1. Suddenly, Shin comes and he tells her that he had to wake her up, and to her surprise, kisses her. After Shin leaves, the Heroine realized that Orion is not with her.

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