Episode III
Writer Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Director Touko Machida
Episode 3
Airdate January 21, 2013
Previous Episode Episode II
Next Episode Episode IV
Theme Music
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall


The Heroine awakens where she finds Shin, who takes her home. They later talk, and Shin quickly figures out that the Heroine has lost her memories. Shin notifies Toma about what has happened, and meets with them both to talk about it.

Later on, the Heroine goes to work, she notice her manager, Waka seems to have a very different personality than before of what the Heroine remembers and then asks her female co-workers about the accident. They talk about a different story from what Heroine remembers. She decides to ask Shin later.

Before going to work though, Shin takes the Heroine to the college she attends. Shin tells her more about who he is and about their relationship. He takes her to the band room where he hopes she will remember something about her being a singer. Then, Shin attempts to kiss her and bring back some memories. When she evades him twice, it makes Shin stop from attempting.

Heading back from work, the Heroine stops as a train goes by. She meets the green haired man, whom her co-worker had mentioned that helped to look for Heroine when she fell off a cliff. They chat and as the final cart goes by, he murmurs words that viewers can't hear to the Heroine. Shin then appears and the green haired man disappears. Shin takes the Heroine to the park where they sit on a bench and talk about the accident, but all Shin talks about is how it was his fault she got hurt and he asks for her forgiveness. Suddenly, the Heroine hears a voice in her head, saying something along the lines of "Can you... hear me..? Hey, you..." the Heroine stands up and thinks that the voice is Orion's, who had disappeared the night she fell off the cliff.

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