Episode IV
Writer Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Director Touko Machida
Episode 4
Airdate January 28, 2013
Previous Episode Episode III
Next Episode Episode V
Theme Music
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall


After hearing the voice of Orion, Shin takes the Heroine home and they talk. He asks her what she thinks of him. As a childhood friend, family like, or her boyfriend. However, he doesn't want to go back of being like family again.

The next day, she feels guilty that she doesn't remember him and makes him hurt so much. One of the co-workers, Sawa, had an idea of doing their own firework show at the shrine since the Heroine is not ready for a "big" crowd. They invited Mine and Toma, and attempt to invite Shin, but fail to do so since he has Prep School.

Later in the evening, Shin finally shows up and needs to talk to the Heroine alone. As they walk into the forest, Shin suddenly pins her to the tree as he explains the accident to her. He tells her their conversation. At first, he questioned her of sharing a room to Sawa, later teasing her against the tree like he was just then with his words. She told him to stop and that she was returning home. He called at her to come over to his side since she was going the wrong way, but by then she accidentally slipped off the edge. However as the Heroine is still afraid of him, she tries to run away from him like she did before, but Shin grabbed her and said that he didn't do anything wrong to her. It is because of that incident, Shin felt it his fault that she got hurt. He said he felt like he needed to rush things along, to block her escape in hopes that she would acknowledge him as her boyfriend, calling himself greedy. As Shin let go her arm, he explains to her that he had thought they should have moved past being just childhood friends, and he should be the one protecting her this time, but he felt so pathetic even though she supported him when he was about to break and she saved him.

After they got back and before they rejoin the others, she and Shin are playing with sparkler a awhile sitting down by the step like the memory the Heroine has of him, however it turns out that Shin didn't kill someone, but it was his father. Shin continues explaining his back story, in hopes to regain more of her memories.

After the firework show was over, both Shin and Toma explain to the Heroine about where they used to hang out during their childhood with her. After Toma left, Shin asked the Heroine again about dating him as he doesn't want to go back to being childhood friends any more. But her response was that she doesn't know him very well, which was okay to him since he ask the same question before they started dating. She had given the same exact response from before. After, he passionately kissed her, but she doesn't want to be forced. Shin shows her that he is now a man, giving her a quick kiss. He said before taking her home "You'll never know when I'm going to kiss you. So stay on your toes, idiot." As they walk home, the Heroine wants to get back her memories she lost for her sake and for Shin as well.

As she looks at the shooting star, she remembered what Ikki said and the lines are "I wished on a falling star..." and then she was on a middle of the road about to be hit by a truck.Suddenly the Heroine wakes up in her room and gets a call from Ikki about hanging out before realizes that she's back to August 1 again, and she tries looking at her journal that she wrote the days when was with Shin, but all the notes she had written on were gone. As she meets with Ikki, she noticed a very odd change in him as he asked her something about a sexual request and what she wanted him to do, that was until a young woman named Rika shows up. 

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