Episode V
Writer Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Director Touko Machida
Episode 5
Airdate February 4, 2013
Previous Episode Episode IV
Next Episode Episode VI
Theme Music
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall


As the Heroine and Ikki go see a movie, she is still confused of why she was sent back to August 1 and there a lot things she didn't understand. After the movie has ended, Ikki tells her that he has a condition and he has to wear sunglasses because of his eyes. After the movie, Ikki asks the Heroine if she knows what she what she wishes for him to grant and she tells him to escort her to work tomorrow. He tells her that it’s an odd request, but he’ll grant it and that it’s no problem because they work at the same place and have the same shift. At home, as the Heroine went to sleep, still confused, Orion reappeared to tell her something important. He also stated that he didn't know how he reappeared, and he didn't have much time to answer her questions because he doesn't know when he won't be able to again. It is revealed by Orion that all the Heroine experiences were not a dream, but that she might have somehow travelled to another world. However as Orion tries to explains any further, he disappears leaving the heroine more confused.

The next day, as Ikki takes her to work, The Heroine greets her manager whom she thought might have a friendly personality just like the last Waka, however he was very strict and angry at her because she didn't line up in front of him like she is supposed to do every day. He also keeps on mumbling that the customers are the enemies. Later she didn't know if the recipe for parfait is the same as the other time, suddenly Ikki helps her make it like in the the vision she saw.

That night, as Ikki takes her home the Heroine thought Ikki had discover her memory loss, but it was joke, and she over heard him mumbling to himself something about him needing 1 more month. At work the next day, Sawa comes and give advice to the Heroine that she shouldn't date Ikki because she heard a rumor that every girl that Ikki has dated, have been dumped by him all after 3 months as well Mine said the same thing to her as well.

After work, as the Heroine was walking out the back door, she saw Ikki and Kent and thought that they were going to fight each other. She tried to stop them thinking one of them was going to bring out a weapon into the fight. She accidentally tripped and hit her head. After, she was seen in Ikki's room with both Ikki and Kent laughing by the kitchen counter. It was revealed that Ikki and Kent weren't actually going to fight, but it turns out that they were just solving maths problems. As they are waiting for Ikki, The Heroine ask Kent about the rumor that she was told, and that the rumor is true by Kent's explaining to her. The Heroine was told Ikki was going to walk her home. So she just stood by the door waiting for Ikki. After Kent left, Ikki stood in front of the heroine blocking her from the door asking her if she wouldn't stay over for the night.

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