Episode VI
Writer Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Director Touko Machida
Episode 6
Airdate February 11, 2013
Previous Episode Episode V
Next Episode Episode VII
Theme Music
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall


At Ikki's home, it turns out that Ikki was just joking to the Heroine, and proceeds to escort her home. Back home, she writes down on her journal, but instead of writing the dates, she writes that she is dating Ikki?, the place she works and other information. She is wondering what Sawa, Mine, Kent, and Ikki said that makes her unsure, suddenly she gets a text from an unknown person about the "Daily Report" as in the previous episode. The following day, as The Heroine is going to work, she sees Mine is sad, then Mine runs out of the entrance. The Heroine asks Ikki about Mine; he rejected her and said that he already has girlfriend, he was thinking that he sometimes hates girls. After work, it started to rain, and the Heroine doesn't know which is Ikki's real personality. She encounters the same young man with long lime hair who greets her and gives her advice that she should be careful not to make any enemies before departing, but she feels unsure if he is the same person she met before, or a different person.

In the morning, the Heroine gets very ill and is unable to go to work. Ikki visits her and takes care of her until she is better. The next day, as the Heroine is fully recovered, she gets lecture by her manager from being absent from her job. The Heroine asked Mine if she's alright, but she is fine and says she got over her rejection by Ikki. Mine mentions that they are going to the trip similar to where the Heroine went, except all female fans of Ikki. At night, the Heroine talks to Sawa on her cellphone and it reveals that she is in a fan club. After Sawa hangs up, she gets a call from Ikki, but he was drunk, and was expressed his feelings how he treated his girl fans, except for Heroine since she is the only one who didn't fall for his gaze, before hanging up.

During the trip at night, Ikki asked her to chat. He tells his back story, about when he was a child, he wished on a falling star that girls will fall in love him, and suddenly it would come true. However, people around him are acting different and affection toward him as he grows much older and handsome, he though it might be punishment that he wished on the falling star. Ikki also revealed that he didn't break up with his girlfriends, but that they broke up with him. Ikki reveals his true self and confessed his love to the Heroine, and kissed her. Before departing the Heroine, he makes another wish that she would fall in love with him.

The following night, the heroine is confronted by Rika and three other girls that are in Ikki's fan club. They say that she broke a promise and that if she ever does it again, she shall be punished. As Rika leaves, the three girls start shouting at the heroine, then push her onto a small boat. Suddenly, Orion appears. After a few minutes of talking, the heroine realised that the boat is leaking. She starts to panic, which causes her to fall into the water. Orion tries to save her, but being a spirit, he cannot. Orion starts to disappear as the heroine slowly sinks.

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