Episode VII
Writer Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Director Touko Machida
Episode 7
Airdate February 18, 2013
Previous Episode Episode VI
Next Episode Episode VIII
Theme Music
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Recall


The Heroine suddenly appears outside her apartment, and she receives a text messenge from Kent, who says to meet up with him at the cafe (also realizing that she's back to August 1st. After sitting there for a while, Kent asks her what exactly was wrong with his attitude that she disagreed against. The Heroine has no idea what he's talking about, so she plays around the conversation by apologizing. They take a walk along the train station, for no apparent reason. Kent simply says that he had "researched" with a friend and found that this is what couples do during dates. She goes home and looks through her text messages. Kent only messages her saying "Good Night" or "Good Morning."

Suddenly, the Heroine gets a text from Kent telling her to stop by at his workplace later. After sitting there for a couple of hours, she asks Kent about the reason he called her. He is surprised and says that its because she is always wanting to spend more time with him.

Later in the episode, the Heroine is seen standing at the train station in a yukata waiting for Kent. After a while, she texts Kent because he is late and he calls, saying that he had totally forgotten about it because he was "uninterested" in the festival and tells her to wait. He arrives, after running from his work place, and it is now raining. They both walk to the festival under Kent's umbrella and she learns that they had a promise when they started dating, which was to simply go to the temple festival together. They continue playing at the festival and Kent later says that "today was fun."

It skips forward and they are seen at Kent's workplace. Kent asks about his coffee, which turns out to be a trick because he had logically figured out that she had lost her memories. Orion suddenly appears and the Heroine gets distracted, which catches Kent's attention. The Heroine describes the circumstances to Kent, meanwhile drawing a poorly drawn picture of Orion. Kent tries conversing with Orion through the Heroine. When he stops to think (with a sad look, according to the Heroine), Orion disappears. Kent is disappointed, but walks the Heroine home. Kent holds on to the Heroine's hand, saying "I'll see you tomorrow?" The Heroine says yes, but as they cross the street, a man bumps into her and she lets go of his hand. After a few moments, she is suddenly walking across a street in the broad daylight during a red light and her hand is grabbed by someone. "What are you spacing out for?" a voice says. She turns around and sees Toma grabbing her hand.

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