Episode XII
Writer Yoshimitsu Ohashi
Director Touko Machida
Episode 12
Airdate March 25, 2013
Previous Episode Episode XI
Next Episode N/A
Theme Music
Opening Zoetrope
Ending Hoshiboshi No Wataridori


Ukyo, in his bad persona, was on the pursuit of killing the heroine. He finds her hiding near chairs and tries to stab her but he misses while the Heroine runs to the entrance of the building. Finding it locked, Ukyo catches up to her as he shows her that he had the keys. As he tells her that it was her destiny to die in the building, the window above the doors breaks which makes Ukyo flip to his good side. When good Ukyo notices that he was carrying a knife, he asks the Heroine why she was here. The Heroine explains that it was because of Ukyo's text he sent her from the previous episode that hinted his death. Hearing her reply, good Ukyo figures out that it was his bad persona that sent it to her.

Then he began to explain what had happen in this world the first time where the Heroine was actually involved with the explosion in the university mentioned from Episode X. Ukyo continues on saying that for twenty-five days, the Heroine was unconscious and then on August 25, she died. This event where she died in the fire was actually the first piece of memory the Heroine remembered after she got her amnesia.

Since he couldn't accept her death, he travelled to other worlds because he was trying to find her in a world where she was alive which was his wish. Ukyo changes back to evil Ukyo when a lightning bolt strikes the door where the Heroine evades just in time as evil Ukyo says, "But if you die, I get to live." Evil Ukyo goes on saying that whenever he had found her alive in another world, he had never existed in that world to begin with. This explained that since the Heroine was an anomaly in the current world she was in since Ukyo was already there, she was being targeted by the world instead of him. The only reason why she was still alive right now was only because of good Ukyo's warnings since he experienced all of those incidents from the previous worlds. Whenever Ukyo found the Heroine alive in a world, he would always die which he came to the conclusion that there wasn't any world where both of them were alive. Which was why bad Ukyo was going to kill her right now to escape the eternal loop of death.

The Heroine gets chased again and stops to another door where she finds it also locked as evil Ukyo tries to kill her once more but misses. Though he missed, bad Ukyo caught her and began to strangle her. However, good Ukyo interrupts him while evil Ukyo tries to continue on suffocating her. At that point, it was revealed by bad Ukyo that Ukyo's bad personality was created from all the pain and hellish experience he faced. Good Ukyo tells him to shut up but bad Ukyo also mentions that he had killed her already many times. Then, good Ukyo admits his murders while saying that it was unforgivable. Then, he tells the Heroine to run away after bad Ukyo says that Neil doesn't have any more power left to send him to another world meaning that this was his last chance to kill her. As the Heroine runs up the stairs to the top of the clock tower, Orion explains that Neil was the creator of all fairies and how he gained power if he granted wishes to humans.

Suddenly bad Ukyo comes and attempts to kill her, when good Ukyo kills himself so the Heroine can live. In his final moments, He confesses his love to her and said he was glad he met her. Then the clock strikes 12. Suddenly Ukyo's body begins to glow bright with the Heroine's.

The Heroine somehow ends up in unknown place and Neil and Orion explain everything to her and why she kept on travelling to different worlds. When Orion repeats what Neil says (that he will return to her original world and return her memories), he reveals to her once her memories return, he won't be able to be at her side any more and she won't remember him. As a white door appears, the Heroine and Orion depart and say their final goodbyes.

During the credits all the different versions of the Heroine together with guys in the different worlds the Heroine went to. At the end, she is seen with five cards appearing to her, she smiles and finally returns to her original world.

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