Amnesia(anime) Wiki
Kanji イッキ
Romaji Ikki (Ikkyu)
Vital statistics
Age 22
Birthday June 1
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 182 cm (6'0")
Weight Unknown
Blood Type AB

Ikki is a fourth year University student and best friends with Kent. His real name is 'Ikkyu', but prefers his nickname 'Ikki'. He is voiced by Kishou Taniyama in Japanese and Blake Shepard in English.


Ikki is known as a lady-killer, but secretly he dislikes the attention he gets from women, because he can never get close to anyone because of it. In time, Ikki puts walls around himself, only showing his playful side to the outside world. This changes when Heroine comes in his life.

Ikki loves a challenge, in both games and relationships. He dislikes his given name 'Ikkyu' due to bad memories of his past that relate to his name, therefore he goes by 'Ikki', although Kent continues to call him by his given name.


Ikki is a tall young man. He has silvery blue hair that becomes darker at the tips, it is styled somewhat messily. He has light blue eyes with a hint of lavender. Ikki wears a black spade clip on the left side of his hair, which keeps the hair on that side away from his face and tucked behind his ear. Beneath his left eye is a small blue spade. His clothing usually consists of blue and black color combinations.


When Ikki was young, he wished on a shooting star to become popular with girls, as he grew older he began to resent that wish, because he couldn't feel close to anyone due to his popularity.  

He is known to break up with his girlfriends after three months of dating, but it is later found out that they leave him because of the agreement they made with his fanclub. Ikki doesn't know of this and thinks of these break ups as punishment for his wish. After having his heart broken a few times, Ikki realises that it´s impossible for him to have a normal relationship because of this punishment and decides to only date girls for the fun of it.  

These girls are only allowed the date him under the following conditions 1.They have to bring the rest of the fanclub a daily report of everything she did with Ikki. In this way everyone can share him (the consequent of not following this rule is seen in Ikki´s world) 2. After three months they have to break up with him. In this way no-one can have him. 3. And of course, without permission you´re not allowed to date Ikki (the consequent of not following this rule is seen in Toma´s world) If the girlfriend departs from these rules, she will recieve cruel harassment from the fanclub. 

When Ikki meets Heroine and realises that she is immune for his 'power', he takes this as a challenge to see if she can fall for him anyway. At some point, however, he realises that he doesn't want to give this girl up after the third month. 


Ikki enjoys playing darts, billiards, and table tennis. One of his hobbies is solving Kent's maths puzzles.

His favorite animal is supposed to be the hamster.

He enjoys home cooking, and dislikes fatty meat.

He was formerly in the tennis club, currently he is in the billiards club.


Ikki's symbolic route is the ''Spade''.

In the game Ikki's route the "Spade": is the only one of the four routes where the interest didn't notice the heroine's Amnesia until she tells him herself.