Kanji ミネ
Romaji Mine
Vital statistics
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Mine is the heroine's junior at the same part-time workplace, Meido no Hitsuji. Mine is shown to be a friend of the Heroine along with Sawa. She is voiced by Kana Akutsu in Japanese and Molly Seacry in English. 


Mine has long wavy light pink hair, the top portion is pulled into a high bun as the rest is loose, she has straight bangs. She often wears a butterfly clip on her hair. Mine is very feminine. Her clothing usually consists of purple and black color combinations.


Mine is the Heroine's good friend and co-worker at Meido no Hitsuji. She is very friendly and nice. 

  • Heart Arc: Mine is very supporting of Heroine and her relationship with Shin, she is a kind friend, and co-worker.
  • Spade Arc: Mine is selfish and has feelings for Ikki, Heroine's boyfriend in this arc, Mine confesses but gets rejected.


- She is rather interested in Ikki in his route.

- Her motif is butterflies.



  • Mine
  • Mine in the anime.
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