Kanji オリオン
Romaji Orion
Vital statistics
Age 12
Birthday Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Orion (オリオン) is a fairy who appears before Heroine. Orion the spirit follows and supports her throughout each story to reclaim her memories back. It is said that Orion collided into Heroine's spirit, that caused the Heroine's amnesia. Orion is a spirit who came from a completely different world. Despite being an aide to the heroine, he is considered as the second main character due to being a character specifically focused on no matter the route the heroine takes. He is voiced by Hiromi Igarashi in Japanese and Shannon Emerick in English. POOP


From the view of humans, he takes the appearance of a 12-year-old young boy. No one is able to see or hear him except for heroine. Orion has silvery smooth hair, and bright blue eyes. Orion has horizontal elven ears, and black horns with two yellow stripes on each. Orion wears a long scarf, baggy djinn pants, striped stockings, tight cropped shirt, pointy shoes, and necklaces. Orions clothing consists of dilute grey/blue checkered patterns, black, and yellow color combinations. In Amnesia: Later, he appears as a human, and reunites with Heroine, Ukyo, and Neil.


Orion has a very caring and eccentric personality. He guides Heroine as she regains her memory in each parallel world and arc. Below are short summaries of Orion's appearances throughout the arcs, and how each arc transitions into the next:

  • Heart Arc: Orion is always by her side until an accident when Heroine falling off a cliff, he saves her and it hinders her ability to see and hear him well. The story will continue in the next arc.
  • Spade Arc: Orion appears very few times, and Heroine is hardly able to hear him. At the end of the arc,Heroine is pushed onto a small boat which becomes flooded, she stumbles and falls off, nearly drowning, and Orion attempts to save her but can not. The story will continue in the next arc.
  • Club Arc: Orion appears very little. He tells Heroine that it's okay to tell Kent of her situation of parallel world-hopping and of Orion himself, it was Orion's first time interacting with someone other than Heroine. Heroine walks hand-in-hand with Kent on a sidewalk, and gets bumped. When she opens her eyes, Toma grabs her hand. The story will continue in the next arc.
  • Diamond Arc: Orion has appeared to inform heroine about the dangerous acts Toma has been been doing to her in order to control her every move. Orion helps her escape when Toma leaves and forgets to lock her cage. Toma and Heroine learn from reading her diary, that she actually loves Toma. He takes her to the hospital (because she fell over when running to collect her diary). Toma leaves as visiting hours are over. Heroine sleeps, and awakes in the arms of Ukyo. However, he drops her off the top of the hospital building. Which tranistions her into the next world.
  • Joker Arc: He helps guide Heroine through her dangerous, original world along with Ukyo, her true lover. Both Ukyo and herself are able to survive through August 25th, granting Ukyo's wish of her living, allowing them to be together. Heroine also regains her true memories. As she goes to her true world, she is given four cards )each representing a different arc, hence a different guy). The series ends with her and deciding, except no one know which she will choose.


Granting human's wishes and guiding the Heroine.


The Heroine's guide.


  • His motif is stars


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