Rika Visual Novel
Kanji リカ
Romaji Rika
Vital statistics
Age 22
Birthday Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Voiced by: Yoshida Seiko. Rika is a minor character in the series, who is also the leader of Ikki's fan club. She was also classmates with Ikki when they attended junior high together.


Rika is a mysterious woman who dresses in old fashioned clothing. She has long blonde curly hair that is often styled in low pigtails, she has copper eyes. Rika's clothes are very avant garde, she wears elaborate Victorian inspired dresses and hats with many frills, ribbons, feathers, and pearls.Her clothing usually consists of raspberry, black, and white color combinations and striped patterns.


Rika appears the most in the Spade Arc of the anime. The hierarchy of the fan club is very apparent when she is around.


Rika is the head of the Ikki Fan Club, which is a group of girls who admire Ikki. The fan club has an agreement to share dating Ikki, on certain terms. The rules of dating him consist of: A member's relationship with him may only last three months. A member dating him must submit a daily report on their activities and dates through text message to the rest of the members.

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